Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Lingerie Faux Pas

I could be slapped on the wrist for being an over educator! When you book your boudoir photography shoot with The GFE Boudoir you receive your contract, a Q&A and a magazine! I get asked so many questions about boudoir photography from my clients that I thought the best thing to do was to create a way for you to have all of your questions answered in one sitting! 

You come in prepared! You're ready for your shoot from the top of your head to your tips of your toes. The one thing I am asked again and again, is "What lingerie should I buy?" I am a shopping junkie, if you want, I will come shopping with you. If we can't make that work for your schedule,  here are some things to consider! 


1. Never ever even think about bringing the "matching" g-string thing that comes with your babydoll, camisole, negliges etc.  You know what I am talking about, that one size fits all scrap of fabric that really must have been a left over picked up off the warehouse floor in China.  I can't even find the photo of what I am talking about, because they are so cheap most companies won't show you a photo of the hideousness! Just know if it says "matching" panty. You shouldn't bring the panty. 


2. Consider sizing up your panty. Your everyday size isn't your photography size. What supports your bum in your work pants might give you a little pinch, or smoosh your belly and make it pouch out. There is nothing wrong with you, it is your underwear. Try sizing up one, OR TWO! Depending on the style of panty, you might need to try moving up.  Also, they make juniors lingerie just like they make junior clothing. Buyer beware.


3. Your bra doesn't fit. It just doesn't. We all know we are wearing the wrong size. I am huge on this. Get fitted. I don't care if you "think" you are a C cup. You're D. I can't even begin to tell you what the right sized bra is going to do for your shoot. Properly supported breasts look better. They make your waist smaller, you will stand taller and overall you'll look 10lbs lighter. Do yourself a favor, don't bother with that pink store in the mall that has some teenager or chick wearing an ill-fitting polyester suit from the department store who is also wearing the wrong size bra.....

Click this image below for some help.  

4. Don't shop at the Adult store. If your lingerie says ONE SIZE and comes wrapped around a slice of cardboard and is sealed in cellophane I will frisbee it into the trashcan. Scouts honor. You are better than that. 


5. Underwires are a good idea. Just say NO to elastic, unless you've been blessed with a wonderfully petite and perky chest! 

6. You'd be really surprised at how flattering being totally nude can be.  

7. Spray tans are so 2009. Not only will you have stained porn feet, but there will be some random drip stain running down the back of your thigh that you have no ideas is there. Then there is the mottling ,when the solution adheres to a patch of less than silky skin. Wait, so your belly isn't all freckled? Your skin, the skin you have right now even in the dead of winter can be luminous. Yep, you think tan will make you look thinner. What you don't think is that is will also make you look older, its a pain in the ass to edit, my camera literally reads it as orange and is never ever even. Unless you know the woman from St. Tropez that bronzes the celebrities, don't even consider stepping in a spray tan booth. Take that 30 bucks and get your self a pedicure or your brows done. That is money better spent.


8. Tan lines are only hot on the beach or next to the pool. This one is tricky. I am actually rocking a bright white bikini under all my sweaters and yoga pants all year long. I got a tan 2 years ago and I still have some remnants. Tans can be hard to avoid if you spend anytime outside, unprotected from the sun. Try your hardest to prevent your tan lines before your photo shoot. If your boudoir shoot is in the summer I do have some tips to help you fade your tan lines if need be but nothing is as effective as avoidance. 

9. Bringing only matching sets. Bring non-lingerie items too! A pencil skirt, a crop top, a body suit, a snug cardigan, his underwear, a tank top, jewelry, high heels, a little black dress, a slip, your favorite, good butt jeans, sexy boots....the list goes on. We can mix and match endlessly to style something unique to your boudoir shoot. If you come with 3 matching bra and panty sets, you're going to feel limited!

10. Only sticking with one style style. This is really a time to experiment safely with what flatters your body. It is likely that having a boudoir photo shoot is a new and exciting experience for you so try something new. If you're a minimalist, try some vintage, if you're into vintage choose a new decade to explore, if you're sporty test out some high glamour. We get comfortable but that doesn't mean what we've settled into is best! I say it over and over, Boudoir Photography is for you FIRST and if you're sharing it with a partner, that is just a bonus. There is power in feeling beautiful and feminine. Go explore and find what you think is beautiful when it comes to lingerie! One of my favorite guilty pleasure is The Lingerie Addict. A seriously awesome blog dedicated to the pleasure, importance and how to of your underpinnings!