Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

My new home! W&B Studio located in the Strip District! I am super excited to announce that The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir has new life and 4 new walls to call home.  My partner and I finally took a scary leap of faith and opened ourselves to the possibility of our own space. I've shot in homes, bed and breakfasts, hotels, rented studios, borrowed rooms, basements etc. I do not have a ton of requirements about where I shoot. I will make it work no matter what. There is just something about roots. Having a home base means so much to me, so much to us. She and I shoot totally different things but we both have the same desire,  breath taking light. We found just that in this gem of a space. It isn't huge, but it is ours. That is what is most important. I can't wait to see the change in my photography that this place will surely cause. Come on down! Let's start shooting!