Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

All of my clients get Pinterest boards where we toss around ideas. Makeup and hair, lingerie, poses that we like and above all it serves a bit as a visual preparation. Our original ideas for her shoot was big hair, smokey eyes... very Playboy-esque styling. 

I had picked up this corsolette (bet you had no idea this is a SHAPER) from ASOS and it had just been waiting for the right client. She loved it the second she saw it, from there new ideas started to flow. She was curious about a brighter lip, maybe a deep wave and a cat eye!  

Some plans have to be tossed out of the window! All of the sudden she was this  stunning vixen standing in the middle of my studio. I was in absolute awe! Commit to the experience and amazing things can happen!

glamourous boudoir photography   
glamourous boudoir photography   
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