Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Shoots can be a bit like blind dates. The minute we make contact a series of communication starts. We talk about everything, I answer every question and I hope that the morning of the shoot we feel like old friends. Right before our session she sent me an email and she said those magic words every photographer longs to hear, "I trust you."  You would think this would be a given, but you never really know. Those three words took my fear away. We had so much fun! There were a few wrenches thrown into our day and never once did it feel uncomfortable. There was so much laughter and girl talk that I didn't want it to stop! The rain poured outside the windows of the studio but inside, we were warm and cozy; it felt like I was shooting my best girlfriend, the whole world revolved her shoot! 

I am sitting here looking at her collection of images and am just blown away! She walked in as the girl next door but she really is an undercover supermodel!