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There is barely enough room in my shower a body. I have issues. This week has been consistently warm with plans to only get warmer. My skincare routine changes seasonly. Now, is the time to make some adjustments!

As much as I love high end products for my face and neck, I like to economize for my body. We all have lots more body than we have face. You have to exfoliate, this is an essential step. The Booth's sea salt scrub is glycerine based, if you hold this tub upside down, nothing is falling out. I HATE a scrub that puddles off your body and down the drain. This grips, you could rub yourself raw; this means that your elbows and knees will get the attention they need. I am looking for the skin I had when I was seven so I am standing in a shower with the water off and just trying to travel back in time. The essential oils and glycerine mean that I can scrub as long as I want. Peel back your winter scales with this or remove a self tan gone wrong with the scrub. It is industrial.

I just started using a shave cream. I sometimes do not even use it to shave but as an in shower moisturizer! It is that good!

Pedicures add up in price really quickly, stretch your pedi longer by using a Mr. Pumice every time you shower. A two dollar solution crusty feet!

You know that feeling of film you have on your skin in humid weather? I combat this with Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel. Totally gentle and healthy for sensitive skin, I will use this mid-day on a cotton round to refresh the skin on my whole body. It cleanses and tones. Which hazel has skin tightening properties so use it everywhere! But be prepared to be grossed out, you'll be amazed at the grime you'll pick up on your arms just by sitting in the yard with your kids!

There are few sensations I hate more than trying to drag clothing on after I've moisturized. This my most often skipped step until recently. J.R Watkins makes a dry oil spray that is nearly instantly absorbed. After I've finished my shower, before I towel off I spritz and rub and by the time I've put my face creams on I can get dressed without that drag and cling of moist skin.

The last step is SPF. Self explanatory. La-Roche Posay makes an anti aging, light SPF that acts as a makeup primer without the white cast you'll get from the drugstore. This saves you extra morning products therefore saving you some extra cash!