Pittsburgh Boudoir, Before and After

I love hair. I love makeup. I love clothes. I love girls. Being a boudoir photographer is a great fit for me! I get to indulge my fancies any time I want! I wanted to take a second to share a before and after that I am particularly fond of.

This client was ready for a change, so much so that she let my stylist cut and color her hair BEFORE her actual session date. She sat down in the chair and said, "Do whatever you want." I am far too attached to my own hair to say those words but I was blown away that she was that willing to find a new look! She came out with a cute, layered hairstyle that was better for her fine hair. She is a bit sassy, look at that little nose ring, this hairstyle suits her so much more than her all one length look before. 

Pittsburgh Boudoir Before and After

She wears no makeup, ever. Well, that is a tiny bit of a lie. It is more of a very little, if ever. 

When choosing what type of makeup look we wanted, we decided she just needed polished. Being that she hardly ever wears makeup, any was going to feel like too much to her. She could hardly believe that so much makeup looked like very little on camera. We had a good giggle over this makeup bag. She handed it to me and I flatly told her this, is a tampon pouch. Between you and me, I wish my bag were this simple. Sometimes I have nightmares where I am trying to pack all my stuff and I have to use garbage bags and I just do a clean sweep of the dresser tops and bins in my closets.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Makeup

The absolute best part of this session was when her guy stopped by to give her a little boost of encouragement! He walked in and his jaw dropped. Her spark turned on from that second forward! She told me later, she will hold onto that memory forever! Getting dolled up such a worthwhile part of what we do. The pep it puts in your step is invaluable and it is why hair and makeup is included in every shoot we do!