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Pittsburgh Boudoir
Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography
pittsburgh boudoir photography

One of the best parts of boudoir photography for me is the ability to see the different sides of a woman, in one afternoon. You may be a mother, student, wife, girlfriend, sister, enter career choice here but those things do not define you. They contribute to you, but you are not solely who you are because of any single one thing. Some people think boudoir is about being naked and trying to be "sexy". I've yet to figure out what "sexy" is that can be applied to all women. The term boudoir literally means, "a woman's private bedroom." That space is private and sacred, it is a place where intimacy is paramount. For me, boudoir is intimacy. You can be intimate, fully clothed. You can be intimate in the middle of the street. Intimacy is sexy by nature, without ever being overt and conforming to what commercials and magazine tell you should look like, wear, talk and act.