Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, From The Clients Perspective

Today the blog will be a bit different. I can show you images, I can talk myself in circles.

I am going to sit back, drink my IV of coffee and let a woman who never thought she could or would do something like this, her experience with us in the studio.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Older Women

My husband and I were childhood sweethearts. He was my first kiss in the 7th grade.

What do you give someone you have known for 30 years for an anniversary????? Boudoir ,of course

Two children later, lots of wear and tear from life on this body- I knew I was never going to look as good or firm as he remembers me from high school, but I learned I have a different kind of beauty. A different kind of sexiness.

I am very reserved when it comes to stuff like this, and after canceling twice, I knew I just had to put my brave face on and do it. Steff was wonderful every step of the way. I followed all of her weird suggestions leading up to the shoot (and I am glad I did!). She has been my best cheerleader and she has brought out of me something I never thought I had. The session was intimidating, but Steff laughed and got in the weirdest places to take the pictures that I laughed through most of it. By the end of the session it was me who said "I want one naked!!!" I would have never thought I would have the guys to follow through, but I felt beautiful and desirable and young and lovely. I can not thank Steff enough.

My husband has not seen the images yet. I hope he loves them- but even if he does not, I had a day where I got to view myself differently and that alone was worth it.