Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Vintage Dress and Big Hair

"I think I might be Southern, because of how much I love big hair"


I am a sucker for anything shiny. If it reflects, I react. She was in the hands of the makeup artist and the hairstylist so I was taking care of some last minute things in the studio. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a heap of ivory satin. I grab it and run into the other room. "What is THIS? Why is it on the FLOOR?" I unravel the ball, and it is this divine vintage satin gown. She tells me she bought it originally to wear as her wedding gown but decided it was too sexy. She wasn't set on wearing the dress during her shoot but I was. Either I was going to be photographing her in the dress, or I was going to be photographing in it! I have two fashion speeds. Drag queen or construction worker. I would grocery shop in this dress, but that would require never grocery shopping if you get my drift. It was slinky, it was soft and it hugged and flowed. I'd have been perfectly content to build a shoot around this single dress. 

Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photography
pittsburgh boudoir glamour photography