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It isn't boudoir. It is beauty. Say, what? It is beauty. What is that? It is exactly what it sounds like. Beauty.

I love Boudoir. I love it through and through. I've been combing through my boudoir sessions of years past and I was noticing a theme. Beauty. My boudoir has never been about tits and ass. It has always been beauty driven. Until recently, I was trying to find a way to explain this to my clients during the session. Instead, my clients explained it to me. One said that she noticed how pretty the girls on my blog were before she ever noticed that they were wearing lingerie, another said she just thought my images were more 'tasteful'. That is my goal first! Just as these photos are for You first and your partner second, in my book. I fall in love with faces all day long. Beauty Photography is something you don't have to worry about getting undressed for, it isn't something you have to lose 10 pounds. You are beautiful with those extra pounds and that sweater! Intimacy trumps all for me. So if you end up looking a little sexy, it is because that is the way I see you! Win, Win!

This face, I love this face! She wanted a session because her boyfriend lives across the country. She wanted to surprise him when he visits for Valentine's Day. I went more Beauty with her and I am so happy about it! The thumbed through her images and she just kept saying, "These are so beautiful!" What a great experience to look at images of yourself and have nothing else to say?!!!!!!!

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