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pittsburgh boudoir photography
pittsburgh boudoir photographer

She is classically beautiful. I knew the moment that she walked in that I wanted to work on something different with her. I was inspired by her shape. She pointed out what she perceived figure flaws and all I could see was this incredible example of her wonderful female curves. Classic and hourglass, she was stunning. I always ask that my clients bring in something that isn't lingerie and she brought in a floor length dress with sheer side panels. It was a dynamite mix of sexy and classy. Dessa, my hair and makeup artist for this session couldn't contain her squeals during this portion of the shoot.  We shot this classical set and moved on to more sultry boudoir, playful boudoir and sexy boudoir. You can be whoever you want to be during your session, there is one thing for certain however, your partner will be stunned!