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boudoir wardrobe ideas

There are always questions about what to wear or what to not wear as the case may be with Boudoir Photography. It isn't what you wearing that is sexy, your lacey bra with rhinestones does not make the photograph more applealing or convey a certain tone to your images. I always pull a few items from my Boudoir wardrobe box to bring to the session that are not typical. With your photographs we are looking to pull a feeling from you that is tangible to recipient of your images. That feeling may not be palpable when you are wearing something itty bitty that makes you more concerned with how your bits look. Yes, there will always be men that like thongs. There will always be men that think that shorter, tighter and higher are the way to go but I hope that isn't your guy. When was the last time you heard, "Wow babe, the fringe on that bra is really spectacular!"? HUH?! Chances are he'd prefer no bra. Sure, men like high heels and you do too so that is a great compromise between your style and his desires. What  is it with men and ankle straps? You know what I am talking about!! When you are planning your boudoir wardrobe, think about YOU not him. You need to bring what makes you feel sexy. You need to wear garments that give you a feeeling, that enhances your body language and allows you to be expressive. I have no issue letting my appreciation for breasts be known far and wide, I love boobs and a huge smile! The ear to ear laugh while topless is hands down always my favorite image from our sessions. The image is all emotion. That is why it speaks to me. I ask you to explore what it is that makes you feel sexy or what it is that makes you feel beautiful even though it isn't lingerie. You can look pretty in anything, but for beautiful images you need to feel fantastic, fierce, sexy, feminine, strong, so it can emanate outward through your boudoir photographs!

Basic wardrobe items to consider when planning on your photshoot. 1. Sheer white t-shirt 2. Boyshorts 3. Pencil skirt 3. Favorite sweater (YES, I said SWEATER! Trust me!) 4. Your good butt jeans 5. Something sentimental

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