Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh, The Importance of Makeup and Hair, Boudoir Before and After

pittsburgh boudoir before and after

I am a total girl. I like Pink. I am addicted to blush. I believe a little makeup can fix a bad mood. I realize that not all girls think alike. The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir offers collections that include hair and makeup services. If you are going to take the steps to invest in having glamour images taken for a special gift or just to celebrate yourself why not luxuriate in being totally pampered?! There is this moment that all the girls have as they leave the makeup chair and turn to the mirror. A mix of fear and excitement crosses their faces before they are willing to absorb what they see before them. I love when we can move into the very first set of images with a really great smile on your face. It breaks down that wall of nerves, because you are able to see yourself in a way you weren't prepared for. You get to see you the way I see you.

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