Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, She Still Has It

pittsburgh boudoir

I thought I would try a little something different for this Boudoir bog post. I can get wordy, and I often do but I wanted to let the model speak for herself! I can talk about how much fun I have shooting boudoir, how much I love it, I can show you photographs but that doesn't really give you the story from the other side of the camera! The perspective from the photographer just doesn't communcate what or how it really feels to be the photographed, in your panties!

"I coudn't believe how comfortable you made me feel. Thank you so much for bringing a boudoir experience into my life. I had never thought I would be the kind of girl to have boudoir photos taken. Having someone stand in front of you with a camera and telling you to be sexy, sounded really intimmidatin. But you came across as a girlfriend that I have known forever. You were being silly and goofy. You even jumped on the bed, it really made the whole siuation feel much lighter! Your whole demenor made me totally forget I was hanging out in my underware! Instead of it being a whole bunch of naked awkwardness for two hours, it felt like one of my best friends and I were playing dressup in Victorias Secret and dancing to Whitney Huston. When I first saw the pictures, I was so pleased!  I was afraid that with all the sillyiness there couldn't be any that were sexy and sensual. I was totally wrong, you caught all of these moments that I didn't even realize were happening. I love to look at them, the pictures really boosted my confidence. I have two kids and spend alot of my time taking care of them. I think I had lost that part of myself...the sexy woman was traded in for a hard working mom. Now, when I feel a waiver in how I feel about myself, I can pull out the book I originally choose for my husband and remind myself that I still got it and I can be both a sexy woman and a good mom. I don't have to be the sweat panted, pony tail wearing woman my hubby expects to see when he gets home."

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