Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Sneak Peek

pittsburgh boudoir

Sometimes when it is right, you just know it. You feel it. She was right, we were right. From the very first email we just worked. There are some people who are just infectious in their ways, I could feel her energy bouncing through the computer and off the screen. She was so energetic and enthused about creating an extra special grooms gift for her husband to be on their wedding day, later this summer. So many people are curious about boudoir, it wasn't something she was curious about it was something she considered a must do part of her wedding planning. Honored, blessed, thankful and appreciative are a few of the words I feel express how wonderful it was that she choose me to be her photographer. I loved so many of the images from her session, her energy radiates through them. We wanted to create a mix of images, clean and feminine with hard darker images. Together we have created a beautiful collection for her fiance!

I love a girl who laughs. She would toss her hair back, let her nose crinkle and her eyes close. It was nearly impossible for me to choose a sneak peek for her that didn't include her face. Truly, truly truly...Thank You for letting me photograph you!!!!!!!!

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