Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Packages

My most popular package offers a little something different than a traditional boudoir photography package. Albums are such a poplar way to display your photographs. Box it, wrap it and tie it with a pretty bow and you've got one hell of a present! Totally unexpected and totally the best gift the recipient will ever receive! TRUST ME!

But but but but...what about you? You look smashing, you're proud, you're excited and they get all the fun? Not if I can help it! I love offering my clients His and Hers Albums! These are discreet and sexy little books that slip into his pocket or your purse! I think you need to reap the reward of doing something outside of the box! This is a hot little book to have in your hot little hands!

Pull out your album when you're feeling a little glum or show it to all of your girlfriends. You should get to share your photographs your way! If that means you want to keep a reminder of how you rocked it out for an afternoon, then by all means you need to add the His and Hers Albums to your package!

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