Extraordinary People, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

pittsburgh boudoir
pittsburgh boudoir

John Legend sings, "We're just ordinary people We don't know which way to go Cuz we're ordinary people Maybe we should take it slow, This time we'll take it slow..." She is quite the opposite of ordinary. Sometimes while living this life we meet people who come and go with no impact. I like my people with impact. On a few occasions in my life, I have run face first into people who will have lasting impact on me. I can count on one hand. I can tell you the story for each and every one but I can't explain the draw or the enlightened feeling of "this is one of MY people". . .  For one, she allowed me to literally attach myself to her! Hi, I am a handful. In the midst of her own schtuff she will try to fix my schtuff. She laughs at all my jokes, she doesn't make fun of me for ordering pink wine, even mundane conversations with her leave me feeling inspired and capable...ahh, what I am attempting to do here is explain that pull that makes her one my people but it will never ever ever work. It will only pale in comparison, this isn't about words. It is about feelings. I can only hope that when you meet the people that have impact on your life, that your heart recognizes the person standing in front of you.

Just for her. So Sunshine, It is my hope that when you look at these photographs, you see the person I've seen ever since I turned my back on a whole room of people just to meet you. Thanks for being my people. 

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