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I want to do something extra special. I realize there are women out there who want to have boudoir photos taken, I realize that these women might think it is something they can't afford or it isn't a priority or they aren't in shape enough, they are too old, they don't have anyone to give the photo to or or or or or........ . The list goes on. These are just excuses. This is something you want. I know this is something you want, because I can see how Google brings you here. I don't advertise my boudoir photography, most of you visit me directly or you find me because you are seeking out Boudoir Photographers. This promotions STRIPS away all of the  reasons why women hesitate to book a photoshoot!

The cost has been substantially lowered, 150 bucks is less than your last Target receipt.

You provide the shooting location, you have the control over your comfort zone.

You are responsible for your own hair and makeup, because you prefer to do it yourself.

You order only what you want! Maybe you don't want an album or the prints, you just want the USB drive. Buy the drive. Oh yeah, and all those items are 50% off! You just have to book your session between now and February first.