Boudoir Photography Before and After, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography


We have been enjoying these before and afters so much lately! How girly girl is a before and after, right? We've asked special permission to be able to share the before and after images, so you don't have to worry we will be showing yours. This client came to us and said she didn't have any idea what she wanted for hair and makeup. My hairstylist wanted straight hair, I wanted waves. The battle wages on. We have the same argument over each head! Ding ding, client wanted waves too! Who doesn't love hair that implies movement and is a little mussed? Yes it took me 30 years to accept my natural hair. I was born with bed head. Fought it and fought it now I try to put it on everyone else! C'mon bed head and boudoir? CAN'T GO WRONG!


Oh these pretty girls baffle me, K, is a simple girl. Wakes up 15 minutes before she has to be at work, pulls her hair back and only wears makeup if she remembers to. I had a good laugh over that. Makeup if she remembers too? Makeup in my bedroom, bathroom, linen closet, key bowl by front door, center console of my car, in my purse....I can't get away from my makeup. Because she doesn't do a whole lot to her face on a daily basis, we wanted to really  make this something more dramatic for her. From hair to makeup she received the works, we added in clip in extensions (clients own) and false eyelashes. We were making her swear to go out, the makeup is bullet proof and heaven know a girl has a special walk when gets her hair done!