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We do our very best to make each shoot as tailored to our clients as possible! I feel like it is a total collaboration between my stylists, you and myself. There is something about you that you want to bring out in your photos even if you don't realize it. You will receive a questionnaire that lets you share with me your ideas. The process is always different for all of my girls! Sometimes the inspiration comes from an outfit or a hair style you are drawn to. Boudoir doesn't have be bras and panties in bed. It can be much more than that if that is what you want. Even artists have ideas that they can't always communicate. So from your first contact with us, we do our very best to get inside your head and try to find the images that best represent you! We will come to you, you can come to us or we can meet in the middle! I am game for anything! It is a given that at any shoot I will roll in the mud. I am down for whatever you are! We want to hear you ideas! We welcome them! Bring it on! Tell us what your dreams for your boudoir photography journey are?