The Girlfriend Experience, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

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pittsburgh boudoir

This portion of the website, I expect to forever be under construction. Boudoir Photography just excites the hell out of me! Inspiration comes from everywhere! I plan on posting all things related to being a woman! Anything that is girlie, helps preserve feminity, will further us towards feeling better about oursleves.I think women have this rear view of themselves. They see the woman they used to be, were on the path to being and they start to see themselves as just wives, girlfriends, mothers, "insert job titile here". We totally compartmentalize the different facets of ourslves and do not often induldge the parts that need the most nurturing. For me and my boudoir sessions, I want it to be total induldgence and decadence. If you are going to litterally strip down and share yourself with me, it is my job to show my appreciation! This is intimacy, this isn't *just* a photoshoot; You might book a session because you want to give your significant other a naughty little black book. That is super, that is going to be such an insane gift, but the real gift is going to happen when you realize that you've been selling yourself short! The more you are willing to own your own brand of sexy and believe that you are more than your insecurities; you will be able to relish IN YOU! When we part ways, I want you to feel invinceable, damn girl, I want you to skip out of the studio! That is my reward. I am just going to say it now, make sure you have a date lined up for the end of the session! DO NOT WASTE THE STRUT! You're getting your makeup done, you're already wearing something sexy, there is that zing of excess power that you will feel from doing something in secrecy. The Girlfriend Experience is the gift that just keeps on giving!

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