Helena Said.... or was it Coco, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

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makeup (3 of 3).jpg

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." I have always believed this quote came from Helena Rubenstein, others credit Coco Chanel. I am sticking with my original stance, it was Helena!! Helena knew makeup, Coco knew clothes. These are two teaser images from Mondays' shoot. I can't share it with you yet, and well if I can share it, it won't be until at least December. Bummer. But this isn't about that, this is about MAKEUP! I love love LOVE makeup! It is a problem. Among true beauty junkies the above images are considered stash porn! Every month I tell myself, I am not going to buy more. Then, I can't help myself. The idea of clearing out older shades to move more in is absurd! Women hold on to their skinny jeans, I have memories attached to my makeup--how can we part?! I can tell you the color of the cubby color stick I wore on my lips the first day of Seventh grade. Clinique Baby Lips. Discontinued. I can tell you the color of lipstick Rachel Steinberg wore in Eleventh grade, Clinique again. Bamboo Pink. I have two of these. I refer to my makeup brushes by their number. Smashbox no. 10, I love you and I don't care how many times I have to hot glue you back together. Blush is my crack! Pink pink and more pink. Nars Cactus Flower has garnered me more compliments on my great skin than any other product ever. I seriously don't know what I do if someone took it all away. My Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes would run down my face, that is for sure! I am a firm believer in putting on YOUR FACE! So if you're still here, I am rounding towards my point, I promise! Yes, I had a mother who would mop the kitchen floor on her hands and knees with perfectly rolled hair and makeup. I am sure that had something to do with it. When my girls ask about makeup, I always SAY YES YES YES! Makeup can change how you hold yourself, how you walk, how you laugh and how you project yourself. I really believe what Helena said is true. Going the extra few steps in the morning, an extra ten minutes can do wonders for your attitude; but at a boudoir photoshoot the addition of makeup can take you from confident to out of control! The benefits to perfectly blended shadow and lash application are many! The better you feel, the better the photographs!!