One Year? One Year! Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

I had no idea the blog has been up and running for a year! Someone mentioned it to me, lo and behold! I couldn't not post on my one year blogiversary. Is that a word? I swear I've heard it or seen it somewhere. I want to celebrate. Thinking about all the things I love, I want to post something that incorporates those things. Lemme think, my cats, my kids, the color pink, film photographs, girls, girls smiling, girls laughing....oh I know! Along with the proofs I got back from from Cali, some where from the session I did with No.9.

No.9 was a very popular girl! She sent my numbers through the roof! No. 9 was more than willing to allow me a few moments out of our session to shoot some film! I would love to do a entire boudoir session on film, but my confidence with film just isn't there yet. YET! Perhaps if a volunteer would like to step forward???

Not a bad way to celebrate?!