The Light and The Dark

I watched a friend of mine sculpt something wonderful. I noticed between the coercion of the clay with his hands, he'd lean back and squint at what was taking shape before him. You could tell it was more than it appeared to be, the squint...served purpose. He'd go back to work, stripping away, adding more, cutting back and building up. He'd focus here and shift to focus over there. It was like watching a dance. Then it would happen again, he'd lean back and squint. I finally interrupted to ask what he was doing. He told me it helped him see the the light and dark, the shape of things.....

That memory was running through my head during this shoot. The Light and The Dark. The shape of things. I realized I do it too, I stop and squint to survey the light and the dark. My girl  said "oh no, there is the 'look'". I was honest and even said, I really don't even see you. Just shapes.

stephanie wellsComment