On Second Thought...Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

When I meet with my clients whether it is over the phone or for coffee we alway at some point discuss wardrobe. I like options but I think wardrobe is less important than my girls do! Most girls express frustration over what to wear. There is something lack luster about another bra and panty set! I won't lie, panties can do weird things to your self esteem! Just like a bra can boost and add oomph, panties can cut you in half, not flatter your tummy or hell, the absolute worst is when they just don't fit right. A style of bottom may be a style match for a top but it doesn't necessarily do anything for your shape , and whether it shows in your images, it affects how you feel! I always stress that each girl has her own  brand of sexy and it if has nothing to do with what you see in magazines and catalogs, that is FINE! I wanted to take a moment to post some shoot inspiration and wardrobe ideas for my girls! There are options out here  if you think beyond the mall! Give what you already have in your lingerie drawer a second look or even pause when you see something other than matchy matchy sets!


This is the ASOS Boudoir COURTNEY Open Front Corselette, currently on sale for £15.00.

I am sorry America, but I think all the best lingerie comes from Europe! 

This corselette works because it is sheer, slinky but the panel down the front can camoflague a tummy and the top of thighs which is an area many girls find fault with! This can be styled a number of ways! On its own it is awesome, add some stockings and it gets better!


Another item from ASOS Boudoir Lacey Ribbon Detail Waspie on sale for £8.00

We don't see many Waspies state side but they have their place in the lingerie drawer! They pull in only the waist, creating the sexy hourglass  without covering so much. One like this, in basic black with lace detailing can then be paired with whatever you want! Black lace boy shorts?! Bra or no bra?!

I think I've been living on the ASOS site lately!


ASOS Boudoir Longline Lace Bra£10.00

So why a long line bra? I don't really consider this a long line bra but anyhow, the full wrapping band locks and loads your girls if you have blessed with a full chest! Serioiusly, most bras have that skinny minnie band that does nothing but create extra flesh because it is hanging on for dear life; right size or not! I don't want you buying lingerie for your shoot that you never wear again! This bra will eliminate bra bludge! This style flatters all bust shapes and it a little bit vintage, which I have a fondness for, personally.