Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, No.9

In the weeks following the passing of my mother, I found myself on the beach in the Dominican Republic. I took my Ipod and one book. My attention span couldn’t be focused for more than ten minutes at a time. This led me to lots of people watching. Bodies were everywhere and even though I thought hell would freeze over before I put mine out there as well, I was included.  I don’t know if it was the heat, the drinks, the sun or the fact that I encountered far fewer English speakers than I anticipated, but I stopped comparing my body to all others on display.

Women’s bodies are fun, they are beautiful, bizarre and they are unique. I felt really great about spending a week in my bikini, it was really freeing. I gave myself permission to appreciate my body. No, it’s not perfect but it is mine. Although I will spend the rest of my life trying to improve it some fashion or another, I have to appreciate where it is today if I expect it to change tomorrow. I have come across conversations about boudoir photography and there are all these misconceptions about it being for girls with perfect bodies, tiny bodies, bodies that haven’t had babies, bodies that are long, bodies that are young, etc. All of these conversations say something like, “I could never do something like that. I am too…”

There is no too…. for boudoir photography, at least not for my photography. Part of me could not care less, if your husband or boyfriend thinks the photos are HOT. What I care about is you; I want you to Feel Beautiful. I want it to feel like something you’ve done for you first and him secondary. No.9, had the same fears most women have, but as we talked those started to fade away. By the time she found herself locked in a dressing room with me having a conversation over her bra size, which is a conversation I have with all my girls, she was feeling pretty great and looking at her shape in a new way. No.9 has curves for days and I am very appreciative that she let me capture each and every one.
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