The Sweet Girl Next Door, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

It is alway the quiet ones. The one you never suspect. She has a quiet smile and a soft voice. I almost felt guilty photographing J, she was just seemed so innocent. When the door closed behind us, she really opened up. I didn't have to talk her through anything, any idea or thought that came to me, she just took it and ran. We talked a little about her fiance, a little about work and school; she is amazingly smart and beautiful. Her fiance is one lucky lucky man.I was sad to see her leave. She brought a tranquil energy to the room.

When my feet hit the floor bright and early on this day, 3:15 am to be exact I really didn't know what to expect. I was hoping for a something extraordinary. After  quiet drive and a rude snap back into reality, meeting J was a welcome break. Nothing phased her, not when I dropped my makeup brushes all over her, not when I had to make a mad dash back to the other room for a lens change, not when I asked her to do xyz. She just flowed. It was a great reminder for how to be.

drop dead gorgeous red head

j under beautiful light on wall

woman laying on her side

J sits on a chair
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