Girl Brain, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

Wayyyyy back, you know just a few months ago when I decided to wanted to shift focus from children and family photography to bombshells and boudoir I made this comment about my loving the ladies. I promised to get back to that thought and never did. Tonight, I want to revisit the initial comments I made on the subject.

"I love women. All sort of women, I love ‘em. I do not love the cranky ladies however but I truly believe that if more women could accept who they are, no matter their form and see themselves in a beautiful new way; there would many many many more happy women out there"

I am a woman so I get all the trepidation normal rational women have. I refer to these thoughts as "Girl Brain". She is just a naggy pain in the ass. She sabotages rational thinking in ways that do not even make sense. She takes an otherwise basic idea and turns into something awful, disgusting and down right wrong. She weasels her way from the back of the brian to the front overtime. She makes her presence first known when we enter puberty. Somehow this wench takes the totally natural process of growing and becoming a woman and turns it from something awe inspiring to something we think is flawed. You're not flawed. If you take care of yourself and you respect yourself and you at least try to squash what Girl Brain says when she tries to over power you, I promise that you can see yourself in a whole new way. You can not entertain her, she survives and thrives when you are at your lowest. All you need  to start is to say one nice thing to yourself. It can be seemingly small like, " I like my eyes". That removes Girl Brains power, each time to can do this you weaken her hold on the whole world. You can accept the compliment someone gives you graciously instead of thinking the gifter is crazy. You're beautiful, you're worth "IT" and you deserve it. I love women, I was raised by the best there was and she surrounded me with a village of other women all amazing whether they could see it or not. If I can like you and not even know you, then shouldn't you like you too?

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