Getting Intimate

I am super excited for today. I've been waiting for today for quite some time. I will be participating in a boudoir photography workshop with Elizabeth Craig. I really feel drawn to this type of photography. I have been asked to this type of work more than any other. It is really odd to put it on the table  that you mainly shoot infant and children, but then the other person leans in and quietly asks if you'd be willing to "take some pictures...."

Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

My tummy is in knots, I am that excited. I woke up this morning and was as cool as a cucumber. I felt very calm. That was 3 hours ago and now I am reaching for a cuppa decaf because I do not need any excess nervous energy. I have about three hours to go and hopefully I find that calm again. The only thing I can liken this to is just knowing something big is about to happen; something so big, something so significant that you can not help but feel fear even though you know it is right.

I love women. All sort of women, I love 'em. I do not love the cranky ladies however but I truly believe that if more women could accept who they are, no matter their form and see themselves in a beautiful new way; there would many many many more happy women out there....but more on that after the workshop!

I am off to explore the world of Boudoir Photography! xo