It was a woman's bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation. -Kathleen Winsor

This is the year of the workshop for me. My interest and passion is there but I want to refine my technique and hone the placement of my desire. There are all these different genres of photography  and I feel more connected to some than others. That isn't going to stop me from exploring them, however. If I am lucky enough to choose where I want to focus all of my attentions the last thing I want to do is to not fully explore all of my options. That means I have to start saying Yes!  I have to go out and get uncomfortable and explore outside of my box.

When I heard Elizabeth Craig was offering a boudoir workshop I felt like a prayer had been answered. I have a few boudoir photography blogs that I visit whenever my moxie takes over. I had been asked to take boudoir photos but had not said yes. It made me uncomfortable, but my interest was piqued. So I started exploring and eventually I really started to feel pushed towards Boudoir. Literally just days after I made the conscience decision to pursue actual, physical exploration of this feild; Elizabeth made the announcement.

The workshop was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!  There was a ton of information on exposure, creative posing, the best lighting and she even took us through some of her post processing techniques! You should see my super sloppy excited handwritten notes!  All of the information was so valuable and the experience of having a model and a coach wandering around the studio was even more valuable. My interest is even more directed towards this type of photography and can't wait to further explore it with my new found knowledge.

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