Post-Split Boudoir: How to Reignite the Spark in You


blonde women boudoir

Break-ups are hard. There’s no easy way around the truth. Sometimes they’re the best thing for ourselves. They still take an emotional toll that can feel insurmountable. We hope your split didn’t come along with physical insecurities, but we know that the feeling of rejection can manifest. If you are looking to reignite your own spark, though, there is one sure-fire confidence booster: Boudoir. 

There are great ways to reignite your spark and remember you are a badass worthy of self-respect and love. But there’s something about finding the sexiest lingerie you can to flaunt what you have in front of a camera. Sure, that might sound a little conceited to some, but boudoir photography is all about confidence. Even when you feel you don’t have any. 

So, let’s suit up and show ‘em what you have, even if the photos never see the light of day (though they should, because you are powerful).

Rebuilding Your Confidence After a Break-up

Relationships with a special person can help keep us grounded, provide support, and build confidence. When it seems the rug has been pulled from beneath your feet, the grief and loneliness can be the first big emotions to hit you. Some people believe they should walk away from a relationship with a sense of relief. However, one of the most important things is to give yourself the opportunity to grieve. Losing a connection to someone is hard, and it is ok to be upset and feel lonely. The important part is that we do not allow ourselves to stay there. 

Rebuilding your confidence and reigniting your spark for life comes after you have grieved. And that’s ok! Some people choose to change up their hair color or style, others want to try something they’ve never done before. Challenging yourself is a glorious reminder that you are present in your experiences. You still have strength and resolve, and a bonus is it helps you meet new people. Boudoir is a great experience to help boost your confidence.

Making connections that are unrelated to your former partner is another great way to rebuild your confidence. Even introverts need a support system, and it is nice to be around people who were not invested in your previous relationship. Join a sports supporter group, a book club, a gardening club, or a new sport. Give yourself permission to be flexible and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

What is post-split boudoir?

Many people believe boudoir photography is a gift from women to their partners, but it goes well beyond that. Luxury boudoir levels up the experience from the moment you walk in the door. Inclusive of all genders, the experience and photos can be solely a confidence boost for yourself, no matter what stage you are in. Boudoir photography, especially at The Girlfriend Experience, is more than just scandalous photos. Instead, post-split boudoir is an entire experience centered on pampering you. 

Post-split boudoir is about regaining your own confidence, learning that you are fabulous exactly as you are. You will learn how to pose your body, get hyped up by a team of professionals, and walk away with an experience that was beyond anything you had ever dreamed. Our job is to make you feel and look great, and we can’t wait to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We understand this part is tricky, even if you are still in a relationship. There is a reason we default to comfort over discomfort. Some fear is healthy, to an extent, but when your insecurities hold you back, you are not doing yourself any favors. You can live a fulfilled life just by taking the steps to overcome your fears. 

Challenging yourself and learning that you can do hard things is powerful. You may feel uncomfortable, but once you get the hang of it, you will have such an enjoyable experience. Acknowledging why you are afraid of something is a big step toward overcoming fear. Where did it begin? Get more information about the experience before you give yourself an automatic no. Spending time with risk takers is also a good way to get more comfortable taking risks. Lastly, allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the experience. 

And if that experience is boudoir, we will be with you every step of the way.