Why Women Should Be Celebrated Everyday

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We have officially arrived at the end of women’s history month. As women, we have been a driving force in society for centuries. We have grown and evolved over the years from being solely viewed as property and reproducing children in our families. Just a few generations ago, women weren’t allowed to vote, work, or drive legally. We have seen so much progress in our society within the US and globally. However, women have so much more to offer our society than just taking care of the household and making babies.

Our world has made countless strides toward more women’s empowerment, yet our contributions are often overlooked or undervalued. We accomplish so much more in today’s society. From being business owners to world leaders, women provide so much value to our greater global economy and society. So to close out women’s history month, I want to share some important reasons why women should be celebrated and how you can support women every single day of the year. 

Celebrate Women Who Have Made a Difference

Despite making up half of the world’s population, women have faced countless obstacles and discrimination throughout history. Fighting for equal rights, pay, and representation has led to groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the creation of impactful technologies in our world today. Countless women have made significant contributions to every aspect of our society. From Marie Curie as the first woman to win a Nobel Prize to Mae Jemison, who was the first bipoc woman in space. Women have accomplished some truly amazing things in our society.

Nonetheless, celebrating women isn’t just a matter of fairness or equality. It’s also a way to inspire future generations of girls and women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. It’s likely that even I have the power to inspire another female to want to run her own business one day. So let’s take a moment to honor ourselves and the incredible women in our lives throughout the world and make every day a celebration of their strength, resilience, and accomplishments. Why? Because we are amazing, talented, beautiful, and fucking brilliant. 

Celebrate Women Who Continue Breaking Barriers

Women have faced countless barriers and stereotypes throughout our history. From being denied the right to vote to being told they can’t pursue certain careers, women have had to fight for their rights and opportunities. We continue to fight for equal pay and rights, but it’s important for the different genders to help continue to support us in this fight. 

Women are also breaking down barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as engineering and technology. Women like Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, are paving the way for future generations of women in these fields. These STEM fields are not the only career paths women are embracing and pioneering these days. You see successful women breaking barriers in countless industries every single day. These women are showing that gender should never be a barrier to achieving one’s dreams. It’s time to celebrate their courage and determination to break down these barriers and stereotypes.

Ways to Celebrate Women Every Day

In 2023, women have finally started making some headway. We’re CEOs, inventors, STEM contributors, Vice Presidents, Heads of State, mothers, wives, and friends. We’re more than the titles we were relegated to for centuries, and given how the structures are changing with some glass ceilings shattering, let’s talk about other ways we can celebrate women every day.

Toxic masculinity has permeated both men’s and women’s spaces for far too long. When there is an imbalance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, we lose out on things like softness and discourse. In order to celebrate femininity in more authentic ways, we need to first acknowledge how important it is as women to hold space for our own femininity and those same traits in other genders as well.

So what are feminine traits, exactly? It’s the nature vs. nurture debate but in real-time. Feminine traits include nurture, expressiveness, intuition, empathy, sensitivity, and collaboration. When we lean into these traits, we celebrate the things that make women and feminine people more authentic and powerful.

How You Can Better Celebrate Women in Your Life

Celebrating the women in your life every day is less challenging than you expect. Celebrations always sound like grandiose gestures and parties, but most of the women I know are pleasantly surprised to receive small compliments on the things that are inherently part of who they are. 

Express to the women in your life how you admire their ability to nurture family and friendships.

Reach out to a girlfriend and chat for a few minutes. Check-in on women and see if they can use a little help. Remind your best friend that she’s still a wonderful mom, even when her kids tell her to mean things. Encourage another woman who’s having a tough day.

Small gestures, acknowledgments, and encouragement aren’t only appreciated by masculine energy. Sometimes it’s the small, behind-the-scenes things that keep life and business running smoothly. Though we’ve made tremendous leaps in how far women have come, there are still some traditional gender roles that haven’t ended. Parenting, house duties, etc. can still run a toll on the women in our lives. We can celebrate them by helping, acknowledging, and nurturing our relationships with them.