Gifting Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Photography

Maybe you’re thinking about what happens next. You’ve had The Experience, walked away feeling healed and elated, and now it’s time to gift your boudoir photos as you planned. But you haven’t thought too far ahead, and now you’re stuck on the how

How do you give the gift of these photographs and still feel the confidence you walked away from our studio with? How do you ensure your partner enjoys the experience as well?

This is where we can help! Here are five exciting ways to give your partner the gift of boudoir.

A Scavenger Hunt

If you’re not ready to give up the fun you had in the studio, we recommend gifting playfully. There are so many ways to create a fun scavenger hunt, and you could make it even more fun by hiding the photographs in your lingerie drawer. 

For example, if you generate clues from a coded alphabet, you could go old-school like T9 texting—where each number represents 3 to 4 letters, like the touchpad of an old phone. Your partner would then need to find each corresponding location based on the code. 

You could also use trivia as clues and send your partner around to places that are special to your relationship. Each location will eventually point your partner back to the place you’ve hidden your photographs. 

A Digital Folder

Maybe your partner is away in the military, or you’re in a long-distance relationship. Hosting a scavenger hunt isn’t really in the cards for you, but you’d still like to get the images to them securely. 

DropBox or are powerful and encrypted ways to keep your files safe and only accessible with a password. Their websites work from anywhere, can withstand large files, and simplify delivery. No longer do you need to worry about losing physical copies through the mail. And your honey can access your boudoir photos from anywhere. 

Wedding Day/Night Surprise

Some gifts are for your eyes only. Not that you’re ashamed you had a boudoir shoot, but more so that it was designed with one specific person in mind. Now that it’s time to unveil (no pun intended) your bridal boudoir, maybe you’re a little unsure how to give such a sentimental gift. 

If you’re wanting to tease before your partner-to-be watches you walk down the aisle, wrap up your lingerie in a box, and under the lingerie, choose one photograph in which you’re wearing that piece. You could even spray a spritz of your perfume on the fabric. Maybe it isn’t a photograph that’s too revealing, but just a hint of what your partner has to look forward to. You could also include your note to them before the wedding. 

Then, after the wedding is over and you’ve made it to the wedding night, have another box, identical to the one they opened earlier, sitting on the bed. It’s the perfect way for them to view your photos in anticipation while you’re freshening up for the rest of your… ahem… newly wedded bliss.

Place them where they can find them.

Maybe you’re not trying to be subtle. You’re damn proud of the photos you received from us, and your partner needs to see them as soon as possible. This is especially fun when your partner doesn’t know you’ve received your photographs. 

Assuming you and your partner live together or alone, place a few photos on the bathroom mirror. Maybe a few more in their sock drawer or on the fridge. Give your partner a reason to explore your house and maybe also to explore you in a different light. 

A Photo Album

Maybe the most obvious, but a subtle photo album might be the perfect way to gift your photos. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll have plenty of photographs to display in a beautiful photo album. With a discreet cover, your partner will be totally surprised when they open their gift. 

There are so many fun and exciting ways to present a gift, and each can be unique to the partnership you have built. But whichever way you decide to present your boudoir photos to your partner, I hope it’s as unique and fun as your experience in our studio.