Themed Photoshoots: Tacky vs. Tasteful

Boudoir Photography

woman laying down

You’re probably looking for a space to feel comfortable, to be wholly and uniquely yourself. Especially since you’ve landed on a Boudoir Photographer’s page. Photography can be two things at the same time: vulnerable and expressive. Since one of the most important factors of being in front of any camera is body language, it’s our job to give you the space to feel safe and creative.

One way to be more comfortable is to choose a theme for your session. Maybe you’d like to wear a costume or two and play out a fantasy, or maybe you’d like to emphasize your bridal status or pregnancy. There are hundreds of choices to elevate your boudoir experience from simply lingerie to something that represents you a little more closely. Leveling up these themed boudoir shoots from tacky to tasteful is what The Girlfriend Experience is all about.

We’ll begin by discussing if you’re looking for props or a partner and determine the mood you’re looking to evoke in your photographs. After, it’s all about relaxing and trusting your photographer to bring you what you’d want to see. 

Solo Themed Boudoir Photoshoots

Solitary photoshoots are common, but what if you prefer a session theme? Anything from pregnancy themes to librarians to fantasy to BDSM can be requested. But because we’re a luxury boudoir studio specializing in dedicant images, we’ll help to elevate your idea to sensual luxury. 

Preventing tacky photos comes down to a science. Lighting, materials, and editing can only do so much, but getting creative is my job. If you want to bring in a set of angel wings, a witchy costume, or even your own bridal veil, we’ll utilize the best sets in our strip district studio to keep your shoot away from cartoonish and move it into luxury. 

How, you might ask, does a shoot turn cartoonish? Poor lighting, angles, and props can create a lower-quality image. Instead of sexy and confident, themed shoots can sometimes come across as overkill. Instead, we limit props per image and manipulate lighting and position to get the perfect shot.

Erotica Experience Boudoir

But what if part of the spicy props is a partner? Maybe you’ve been thinking about including your soon-to-be marriage partner in your photoshoot. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be the heroine on a romance book cover and decide you’re just going to have the photographs taken for fun. 

We offer the Erotica Experience, where you can choose your own partner, or we can pair you up after having conversations about what you’re looking for. These shoots can become intense, and to remain safe, sane, and consensual, there are a lot of conversations built before we agree to the Erotica Experience. 

Remember, boudoir is not porn. We can leave with the impression of such, hinting towards less subtlety and more nudity, but the aim is for tasteful. If you’re wanting to level up your experience beyond just a theme, maybe this option is for you.

Where do I sign up?

As mentioned above, we offer two different boudoir experiences. But those experiences can be as simple as a traditional boudoir experience or as intricate and themed as you’d feel comfortable. At the end of the day, each individual shoot is different because each shoot brings a new aspect: you. 

Your body, desires, and themes are uniquely you. It’s our pleasure to help you bring those ideas to life in a tasteful and fun way that will have you leaving the studio feeling fulfilled. Whether you choose The Classic Experience or The Erotica Experience, we’re here to help bring your ideas to the forefront. 
It’s time to say, ‘fuck perfection’! We can’t wait to meet you.