Why Luxury Boudoir Is All About Self Respect

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Luxury is often framed in an image dripping in gold and diamonds. Even commodities like silks, lush colors, and plush furnishings may pop into your mind when you think about things of luxury. You may think about some famously-know luxury brands before you envision any of the images above. Either way, the idea of luxury can feel outlandish and almost unattainable when you are more budget conscious.

For some, the shame around expensive purchases convinces them that luxury is not for them or that it isn’t a “necessity.” Occasionally, there is even fear associated with luxury because it feels obvious that others around will simply know how much you spent or perhaps even overspent on an item. These negative connotations around the word vanity or even the shame some feel about spending the money.

If you want to dive into and understand more about shame research and how to reframe it, we recommend the author Brene Brown. However, in this post, we are here to talk a little about reframing the luxury mindset as a form of self-respect. Luxury purchases don’t have to be about projecting a certain image. Instead, it’s acknowledging that your hard work has earned you a reward–something extra special just for you.

Changing Your Perspective

For years, luxury brands crafted advertisements encouraging buyers to show off their brands. It was assumed that outside influences would know how fancy you were based on the clothing brands you wore, the bags you carried, or even the car you drove. Next, marketers pushed the idea that luxury items were timeless and even that these items were made at a higher standard of quality. 

Sure, some of that has been proven. There’s no shame in making purchasing decisions that are right for you. For the average person, a luxury purchase can take a large dent out of one’s budget. Making a luxury purchase to show off something and your successes doesn’t always sit well with some. 

However, research shows that if you’re making a luxury purchase for intrinsic value, that is because it brings about an inner self-awareness that luxury purchases can evoke a stronger emotion attached to self-esteem. Yes, treating yourself is a real thing. And not in the whole retail therapy but as in taking the time to treat and valuable your purchases.

Luxury Boudoir is a Double Positive

We’ve established a basis for connecting boudoir and self-esteem. A great session will bring you closer to your feminine side. It will allow you to embrace and express your inner and outer beauty more authentically. You will walk away feeling more connected to your intuition, creativity, and your own body. 

Incorporate having intimate photos taken of yourself with the luxury offered at The Girlfriend Experience, and you are elevating the boudoir experience along with your self-esteem. Every time you look at the photos you took, you’ll remember the experience. How you were cheered on, not just for your body, but for your courage and grace and determination. Let’s be honest, some poses are difficult, but the beauty in the pose once it’s been accomplished is learning your body can do hard things. Mentally, so can you. 

What is Luxury Boudoir?

Luxury Boudoir is more than just photography. Of course, you will receive images with whichever package you choose, but more importantly, Luxury Boudoir is all about the experience. Our goal is to pamper you from beginning to end. 

Starting with hair and makeup, you’ll relax and find comfort in your experience. But it’s followed up with transformation. Not the type of transformation that comes from great makeup and hair but the type that seeps into your core, gives you confidence, and learning the radical idea that you can accept yourself exactly as you are. 

Luxury Boudoir teaches you how to love yourself. To respect your body exactly where it’s at in your life. Whether you’re single or married, pregnant or in the best shape of your life, or even struggling with body image after a medical change, your experience is about luxuriating in everything that makes up you. The luxury isn’t the purchase. The luxury is you.