Boudoir as Healing Work

Boudoir Photography

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Criticizing ourselves is human. The world gives us plenty of reasons to find our faults. But what does that really do to our health?

We’re firm believers that the energy you put into your day will return to you. Every word we speak holds energy, even when we speak it to ourselves. If negative self-talk is commonplace, your energy stores are probably feeling depleted regularly.

For many people, we’re our own worst critics. We readily slip into negative self-talk, often talking ourselves out of doing something we want for several reasons. For boudoir, some of the most common things we hear are:

I don’t have the body for boudoir. 

I don’t have the confidence to do that. 

I’m not photogenic. I’ll hate the pictures, even if the photographer is great.

All the while the beauty of boudoir is that it can help reframe that negative self-talk. It’s a big claim, but our past clients have attested to it. 

How does it work? 

There is nothing pretty about an inner critic. Often, it’s mean-spirited and harmful to our mental and physical health. Speaking repetitive and harmful words until we believe them. It’s limiting in beliefs and actions, and most frequently ensures we stay inside the neat lines that have been erected for us.

You don’t have to biologically present as a woman to understand feminine energy. It’s creative and intuitive. It’s reflective and compassionate. The Divine Feminine is not centered on the masculine traits of survival, taking action, and strength. There is a time and place for that as well, but masculine energy is driven by action. Feminine energy is nurturing and calming, and many times, we don’t experience it enough for ourselves.

There is a distinct balance between feminine and masculine energy, and skewing too far to either can send us on a spiral. Society leans towards the masculine, forgoing the more feminine traits for busy lifestyles. Divine Feminine tells us we have time. Divine Masculine wants us to race for time, to push past limits. 

woman boudoir

Boudoir Photography Creates Healing Energy Work

So what does this have to do with boudoir?

The Girlfriend Experience is all about luxury. The photography session packages we offer center on you. From the consultation, where we get to know each other, slowing down to understand what you’re looking to experience and to build trust, to the hair and make-up – we focus every single session with the goal of nurturing you.

We specialize in helping you prioritize yourself and express your feminine energy more freely.

Your boudoir session will bring you closer to Divine Feminine energy. You’ll feel sexy and creative again. You’ll be back in touch with your body and its needs. Sure, you’re in the studio to take boudoir photos, but you’ll leave with your energy realigned, lifting your spirits and giving you an experience you’ll take home with you. 

It’s important to take time for yourself when life gets busy. Signing up for your boudoir session is a huge first step, but it has nothing on actually experiencing your session. The elation, gratitude, and peace you feel when you leave the studio are incomparable. It’s time to slow down and prioritize yourself. 

When you’re ready to forget the negative self-talk, slough off the destructive energy, and make room for healing, we can’t wait to help you step into your power.