There is No Shame in Boudoir

Boudoir Photography

woman in mirror boudoir

Many times women who choose to have a boudoir session can often question if it’s the right thing for them to do. I know how you feel. How is it possible to walk into something so vulnerable and just let go of the shame that may be associated with showing your body authentically? 

We’re taught to be pure in dress and behavior, to keep our bodies and our sexualities hidden from others. Society tells us we need to be thin but not too thin. We’re expected to dress modestly but not to look frumpy. Sex sells, but it can’t be your sexuality.

What will people think if you choose to do that? Society teaches us to shame ourselves and others for embracing our femininity. Shame is a cornerstone of popular media, and it’s what keeps us coming back and buying into brand loyalty.

While there have been big moves in the other direction for bodily autonomy, we still have a lot of preconceived notions. Shame tells us others will be disappointed in how we look, even when the other person isn’t in the room. You might even have a physical reaction—your cheeks turn red, and your palms sweat at the idea of letting someone else down. Even the voice in your head telling you that “you look ridiculous” or “this is embarrassing yourself.”

The truth is that your inner voice is lying to you. 

Rewriting Shame into Confidence

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where your shame comes from?
Why haven’t you been allowed to take up as much space as you want?
That your sexuality is too loud or too bold, and your body isn’t ideal?

Most times, it comes from societal pressure. A parent who was taught decorum through another parent that was passed down through generations. Maybe it came from reading fashion blogs or watching weight loss commercials on television. Suddenly, you squish your ‘pooch’ or do extra workouts because of the latte you consumed.

You still are allowed to drink the latte. You can even work out if you want to and find joy in it. It’s time to rewrite how we feel about our bodies and the space we’re given. Keep in mind, you’re only given this one opportunity to find your own joy. If we spend it worrying about fitting into the expectations of other people, it’s less time we are spending being present with our own body and experience. It’s time we start rewriting the shame game and start narrating our stories with more confidence in ourselves and our bodies. 

boudoir photograph of woman

Releasing Shame and Leaning into Your Power

By now, you’re probably asking yourself how you’re supposed to just let go of these expectations. Shame is a sticky bastard, and it creeps up in uncomfortable ways. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as saying, “Forget this.” Yet it’s deeper than we’d like to admit.

It’s important to ask yourself who benefits from your shame? Is it you? Is it somebody else? If the answer is no, then what can you do to step outside of your allotted comfort zone? Ask yourself where these feelings and emotions associated with shame are coming from. Once you figure it out, work towards banishing it from your mindset. If the answer is no, then what can you do to step outside of your allotted comfort zone?

Giving yourself an opportunity to buy lingerie, wear it, and take up space is a great place to start. Having a body for boudoir isn’t a thing. You have a body, and your body stores inherent beauty. It’s provided for you in so many ways, and we want to show you just exactly how much strength you possess.Because you are a badass. Every single dimple and curve you have serves a purpose.

Sign Up for Confidence

When you work with us, we want you to take up every inch of space you’re owed. To take your power back from shame and step into your own. We don’t do shame here. We do pride in our bodies, in our choices, and in ourselves.

In boudoir, you get the chance to pamper yourself with hair and makeup. You have a reason to purchase that lingerie that you’ve always wanted. Whatever choices you make for our photoshoot, we’re here to help guide you along the way.

The best compliment we get is the knowledge that you walked in nervous and walked out with your head held high and your confidence higher than ever. We love that our clients’ experience bolsters their self-esteem before they ever see their photos.

So, no, we don’t do shame here. We are committed to only building confidence and self-love.